I am a musician with degrees in both piano and vocal performance and over 15 years of experience in writing songs. My songs My Red Hair and Velvet Nights have been performed on YouTube by operatic soprano Misook Yun and Kumiko Shimizu, collaborative pianist. (Click on the links to these two songs to watch and hear them on YouTube.)  The composer J. S. Graves is my husband and I wrote the lyrics to his song Cry Sad Bird. It also can be viewed on YouTube with the same artists. Cry Sad Bird is in his song book A Star Fell and Other Songs. More information can be found about that book on his website astarfell.com.

My new songbook, Celtic Crone Songs, is a collection of ten songs inspired by the mysterious rites of early pagan women. It is available in both paper print and e-book format.

I have also just reissued my first songbook, Velvet Nights and Other Songs.

I have also written Christian songs, Love Beyond All Telling and Yours is the Day, O God which will be offered on this site in the future.

I have been painting in watercolor, oil and acrylic for many years. I will be posting some of my art work on this site, and discussing some of my techniques.

A single click on any picture in my gallery will bring up a slide show where the paintings are greatly enlarged and can be viewed in better detail.

R. S. Perry

All artwork and music scores displayed on this site are copyrighted by R. S. Perry.