Celtic Crone Songs

I have published a collection of my songs entitled Celtic Crone Songs. The mysterious rites of early pagan women inspired this haunting collection of ten songs, professionally formatted for voice and piano accompaniment. The songs include the Sacred Seasons, Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lammas and other rituals observed by the ancient Celts celebrating the Triple Goddess as manifested by Maiden, Mother, and Crone.   A set of reference notes for the lyrics are provided.

These songs celebrate the mature wise woman (the Crone) and are in a medium vocal range. The accompaniments require intermediate piano skills.

To purchase this book as a  spiral bound paper book or as an E-book, or for more information, you may click here .  Additional information about Celtic Crone Songs and R. S. Perry are available on astarfell.com. Below is a single page example of one song,  Flight of the Moon, illustrating the formatting used in Celtic Crone Songs:


You can find a printable file of this image here: flight-of-the-moon-one-page

Celtic Crone Songs contains:

  • Beautiful, accessible music for women interested in ancient pagan beliefs!
  • Music that can be used in nature religions and Celtic Neopaganism, a 20th century  religious  movement.
  • Fresh, new music suitable for recital programs.



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