Lemon Tree


A lemon tree in Tucson, Arizona, astonished me because it had hundreds of lemons attached and it was only a small tree!  I had never seen lemons growing  (only in bags in Krogers).  This painting will make an interesting addition to a collection.  For information on how to collect it, click here.

A Perfect Day

11.29.2018-001 (Medium)

An interesting house with a faded roof next to a barn caught my eye on a trip to Maynard, Arkansas.  I loved the way the road and grass melted together and red clover bloomed in several places.  This small oil painting is on canvas panel and will look great in a wooden frame.  Why don’t you collect it and begin or add to your art collection?  For information on doing this, click here.

A Fine Day to Sail

12.7.2018-001 (Small)

I originally called this painting “Where the Heart Is”  because so many people love the lakes in Arkansas!  This is an 10 x 8 acrylic painting that looks like an oil painting!  You can see the availability and more about it by going to my online gallery here.

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