Family Portrait

This is a “family portrait” of the Bottle Family! I inherited a collection of antique bottles and decided to paint them. For the next six weeks or so, I will post various members of the family. The more I studied my bottles, the more they began to resemble family members! This is an oil painting, 8 x 10. If you have an interest in it, click here.

Onions in a Mesh Bag

This is a small 6 x 8 inch painting of a purchase I made at Kroger. Yellow onions were on special and came in a mesh bag. Instead of arranging them in a bowl, I decided to try painting them in the mesh bag! It was quite an ordeal, but I was satisfied when I had finished. For information on the painting, click here.

Woman Writing a Letter

I painted this Gullah South Carolina woman several years ago, but forgot to put her on my blog. She has a vast dignity and I liked her print dress. For other Gullah pictures, you can go to my dailypaintworks gallery and look under the Gullah heading. For more information on this 7 x 5 painting on canvas panel, click here.

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