Sunflowers in a Vase

12.1.2018-003 (Small)

As the year is winding down and can get gloomy with darker days, I wanted to post the brightest, most cheerful painting in my collection!   Sunny days will come again.  I hope looking at this painting will cheer you.  If you are interested in owning it or want more information about it, click here.


Two types of turtles are shown in these two small paintings.  Turtle One is a 5×7 oil painting on panel and is a typical land turtle.  Turtle Two is shown submerged in water and is a 6 x 6 acrylic painting.  Do you collect turtle paintings?    Maybe you should add one of these to your collection!    You can see more about these paintings and also see others by clicking here.     If you are interested in Turtle Two, the swimming turtle, click here.

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