Maum Celie Smoking a Pipe

1.5.2019-001 (Medium)

This painting was used in a magazine article published by The Breeze Magazine of the Lowcountry (March edition, 2019).  Maum Celie was a Gullah woman of  South Carolina.  For information on this painting, including price, click here.

Something New!!

I am trying something new–an auction of two small oil paintings on my Daily Paint Works online gallery.  You can see the oil paintings in my gallery by clicking here. There you can click on one of the two bird paintings if you want to know how to place a bid. 4.10.2019-003 (Medium)

These are both small 7″ x 5″ oil paintings. The first painting is a Rainbow Bunting, found in Mexico.

4.10.2019-004 (Medium)

The second oil painting is a Golden Fronted Fruit Sucker found in places like Thailand and Cambodia.  These are aviary birds, too, and can be seen in many zoos.

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