Love for the Land


At only 6 x 8 inches this is a small painting!  But there is a lot to see in it.  Notice the fence posts on either side of the small building and the way the narrow path leads up to the door. This scene was inspired by my visit to Randolph County in east Arkansas around the area of Maynard, a small town.  For further information, click here.


7.9.2019-016 (Large)

This large (20 x 16) painting has brilliant color!  It is a mixed media painting.  The leaves came from a reference photo I made of leaves from the red maple I gave to my husband for our anniversary several years ago.  (It was called a Red maple according to Home Depot but it has only had yellow leaves!  So part of the red ones are wishful painting on my part….)  For more information, click here.

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