Velvet Nights and Other Songs

Velvet Nights and Other Songs includes eight original  songs and is now available as a spiral bound print book.  The cover is my art. Details about the book can be seen here.  A YouTube video for Velvet Nights can be seen here.  The YouTube video for My Red Hair, another song in the songbook, can be seen here.


Velvet Nights and Other Songs was my first songbook and is being reissued in a revised Second Edition. The songs in this collection are about spiritual transformation.  I am influenced by Brugh Joy’s book, Avalanche, for insight into the Fall from Grace as neither mistake nor sin, but a movement from unity to duality. This concept has also been discussed by Joseph Campbell.

The song Velvet Nights portrays a woman’s fall from grace and her resulting psychic move from unity with the loved one to independence as she faces the dawn of her new consciousness.  Just as Velvet Nights refers to Eden (“we enter Paradise”) and the Fall (“dark shadows over our love”) so also does the song A Distant Eden. This song pursues the earlier reference to Genesis with references to the serpent in the garden.  Eden is lost in this song, and death is hollow.

My Red Hair is about my own attempts to deny aging and death by dying my hair as I try to “delay the black night of silent time–the night of profound silence.”


Click here for a down loadable printable file of the first page of my-red-hair-2.

Another song in the book, The House of Spirits, is truly autobiographical.  While at the University at Fayetteville, Arkansas, I lived in an old Victorian house on Leverett Street.  One night in October I saw the spirit of a woman without a face.

I painted the cover design for this collection to reveal my personality structure—a massive white wall of pragmatism and rationality supported only by a flimsy pole at the base of which coils a serpent, my shadow.  In the distance is the longed-for Church illuminated by white light.  Alas, the distance between the self and salvation is dark with sinister rust-colored bushes encircling the self.

About me and my music!

I am a musician with degrees in both piano and vocal performance and over 15 years of experience in writing songs. My songs My Red Hair and Velvet Nights have been performed on YouTube by operatic soprano Misook Yun and Kumiko Shimizu, collaborative pianist. (Click on the links to these two songs to watch and hear them on YouTube.)  The composer J. S. Graves is my husband and I wrote the lyrics to his song Cry Sad Bird. It also can be viewed on YouTube with the same artists. Cry Sad Bird is in his song book A Star Fell and Other Songs. More information can be found about that book on his website

My new songbook, Celtic Crone Songs, is a collection of ten songs inspired by the mysterious rites of early pagan women. It is available in both paper print and e-book format.

I have also just reissued my first songbook, Velvet Nights and Other Songs.

I have also written Christian songs, Love Beyond All Telling and Yours is the Day, O God which will be offered on this site in the future.

All artwork and music scores displayed on this site are copyrighted by R. S. Perry.

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