Bottle Family Child Takes a Spill

Couldn’t resist a small bottle that fell over accidentally, spilling its contents on my table. Just what a kid would do, if he were the baby in my series The Bottle Family. This series of family portraits started in January and will go on two more weeks, I think. For more information about the small oil painting, click here.

The Family Shames a Child for Staying Out on the Counter all Night!

The Bottle Family series continues with three large bottles looking gravely at a small glass. (I can remember the tongue-lashings yet!) This is number 7 of a series of paintings depicting antique bottles which, somehow, to me, resemble real people! For more information on this painting, click here.

Mama, Papa, and three Children

The Bottle Family continues with another configuration of antique bottles. An Italian artist named Giorgio Morandi (born 1890) painted the same group of bottles over and over throughout his life. All of his paintings were almost the same in appearance. The critics thought that he “achieved an almost metaphysical presence in his work.” Many people collect Morandi now that he is dead. If anybody out there reading this is interested in any of my “Bottle Family” paintings (which began on my blog this January and will continue for 4 more weeks), you can go to my dailypaintworks gallery by clicking here.

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