Yellow Hibiscus

I’ve had a yellow hibiscus plant for five years or so that bloomed in the late summer on the deck. Last October I brought it inside and placed it in a different location, a very, very sunny window and was amazed to find that it continued to bloom until early December! Sometimes it had 3 or more flowers at the same time! The presence of lots of sunlight is clearly necessary for the plant to continue to bloom through the fall and into the early winter. For further information on this painting, click here.

Wild Pink Roses

This is an oval, stretched canvas painted in oil and displayed with a grey board behind it for purposes of the photography. The oval canvas is painted on all edges and it is not intended to be framed, but can be hung as is. The grey board is not part of the painting, but may give you an idea of the size as the grey board is about 10 x 8. For further information on this painting, click here.

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