Seaside: Woman & Child


This is another study for a painting.  Like the previous post, it is painted on cardboard.  It is acrylic . 8 5/8 x 11 1/4.    I added the woman and child later as a focal point.    I think that if I decide to turn this into another painting, I will place the figures more to the left. Those of you who are artists should know that if you paint on cardboard be sure to gesso both sides of this support several times. This is not the type of cardboard that boxes are made out of, but is a heavy type somewhat like mat board!


2 thoughts on “Seaside: Woman & Child”

  1. I remember going to a Wyeth exhibition where there were both father and son works . The son had some fabulous works painted on cardboard boxes .


    1. How very interesting! I did not know this about Wyeth. I did know that Picasso did a number of works on cardboard that I saw at an exhibition at the Arkansas Arts Center. Thanks for telling me this and for following my post! S.


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