Sea Anemone and Clown Fish

This small painting shows a clown fish beside a sea anemone. Ten species of Clown fish hang out with sea anemones, cleaning their stinging tentacles by eating any left over food bits. A clown fish is covered with slime which keeps it safe from the sea anemone’s stinging tentacles.

Several species of clown fish will live among the tentacles of one particular sea anemone all of their lives. The fish poop is eaten by the sea anemone and the clown fish is protected from predators by the stinging tentacles.

I have featured Sea Anemones for the entire month of January.and the first week of February !I hope you are not tired of reading about these fascinating animals! But if you are, good news! I’ll show different art next Sunday.

If you want further information about this painting, click here.

2 thoughts on “Sea Anemone and Clown Fish”

  1. Hi Sandra, I loved all your sea anemone paintings. And your information about them. What beautiful and amazing creatures they are. Thank you for sharing!! Jean

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