Pet Portrait: Jamie

Jamie 1

This is Jamie, a very large female Great Dane who belongs to a dear friend. Jamie was rescued by her owner from a terrible situation and now lives a wonderful life.  This painting shows her soulful eyes and loving disposition.  She is a marvelous dog.

Pet Portrait: Persian Cat

This is a portrait of a pet Persian cat.  Its owner bought one of my donated “pet portraits” at the Humane Society Auction.  I do the portraits using reference photographs that the owners provide.  I made several studies of this cat which you can see by going to my dailypaintworks gallery.  Click here.

Cat on a Quilt

img004 (Large)

This painting is 8 x 10 is part of a series of cats and dogs I have painted.  To see others click here. I have offered pet portraits as a donation to the Pulaski County Humane Society for a number of years and will be showing you some of them later this year.  Two commissioned portraits  sold at their November fund raiser, Reigning Cats and Dogs.  The Humane Society is a wonderful organization and a no kill shelter that operates entirely on donations.

Here are a few ideas to think about as you begin or develop your art collection.   Think Small!!  Why should you start a collection of small paintings?  Small paints are easy to carry, to move, or to mail.  They are more affordable.  You don’t need a big space to showcase your collection.   You can easily hand many small paintings in one area, making that area a focal point for a room .   Frames for small paintings are often easy to find and less expensive than frames for large paintings.  Next week I will write a bit more about small paintings.

Dogs!! Bloodhound and Collie

#26 Collie 12x16#25 Bloodhound 12x16

I have always loved dogs, and have had dogs as long as I can remember.  All my dogs (except for one) have come from the Humane Society or animal shelter.  One of our neighbors owned two bloodhounds.  The reference for the collie was a photograph.

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