Bread, Lemons and Bottle of Syrup

This loaf of organic bread came in a shiny wrapper which was a bit of a challenge to paint. I decided to display it with a syrup bottle and lemons. (Yeah, I know–who would eat syrup and lemons with bread!!) But I think it makes a rather interesting still life, especially displayed on an antique red striped table cloth. For further information about the painting, click here.

John’s Fine Tomatoes

We have not been very successful in growing tomatoes! One year we spent over $30 for plants, seeds, fertilizer , etc. and got only 3 tomatoes which had been badly pecked by the birds. That taught us a lesson. These tomatoes came from the super market. I painted the bowl they were sitting in blue to contrast with the shiny red. For more information, click here.

Five Grapes and Three Jars

Constructing a still life is part of the fun in painting. I look around to see what I have. In this case, it was two old fashioned fruit jars and a more modern round one that something from the store came in. I tinted water in it with blue food coloring to make a contrast with the dull brown jars.

Black-eyed Susan

This small acrylic painting on canvas panel gives another look at a plant that is also known to many people as a brown-eyed susan! It grows in many states in the south and elsewhere. Many consider it as just another wildflower. As a cut flower it is long lasting and decorative. For further information about the painting, click here.

Yellow Jessamine Number 2

Here is another look at a cluster of flowers from the yellow jessamine plant. These plants are attractive and bloom in many states from December through March and again in the fall. They can be purchased in pots in various nurseries as they are very popular. In the south they are often seen climbing fences, mail boxes and pergolas.

This is a small acrylic painting on canvas panel. For further information about the painting, click here.