Knobbed Whelk and Cerith Snail & Moon Snails

Knobbed Whelk, Cerith Snail, Moon Snails, Lewis Moon Snail, Colorful Atlantic Moon, Common Periwinkle internet

I love to paint these 5 x 7 canvas panels!  So much can be packed into a small space.  In this painting I have depicted knobbed whelk, cerith snail, moon snails, Lewis moon snail, Colorful Atlantic Moon Snail and the Common Periwinkle.   Here’s another fact about sea snails!  They are all hermaphrodites!  They are also predatory and carnivorous.  Some whelks stick a part of their shells between the two sides of an oyster so that it cannot close and then they eat them by sucking out the meat with their hollow proboscis.

Zinnia Joy


I have so enjoyed my small zinnia garden in a corner of our front yard!  I planted a small package of mixed zinnias  last year and decided to paint these orange ones which were the last ones blooming before frost.  It is too early for zinnias this year, but I do hope to have them!  This painting is on stretched canvas and is 10 x 8.  Click here for further information.

My recent articles with paintings!

Cockles 2.1.2020-001 (Medium)

I have recently started publishing articles in a South Carolina magazine called The Breeze Magazine of the Lowcountry.  My latest article is entitled An Artist Paints  Bivalvia. I have written a five page article on bivalves (think clams, oysters, mussels, cockles, etc.) and the publisher has used 6 of my paintings and a couple of photos as illustrations.  To read this article and see the paintings, click here. This is the March issue.  Go to page 30.

I have had one additional article with paintings in the February issue of The Breeze Magazine of the Lowcountry.  This article is about carnivorous plants and is titled An Artist Paints a Pitcher. Click here to view this article. Please turn to page 8. The article shows 5 of my paintings and several photos.

Nepenthes Rajh 1.1.2020-006 (Large)

Green Symphony

11.2018-002This 6 x 8 painting on panel was inspired by a sketch I made in Randolph County, around the area of Maynard, Arkansas.  Notice the bent mail box.  It used to be a favorite prank of teenagers to try to hit mail boxes.  I’ve had to replace several!  Click hereto see the price of the painting or to learn more about it.