New art photos added to gallery

I added twenty five of my paintings of flowers to my gallery today. Some of these are in oils, and some in acrylics.

A single click on any picture in my gallery will bring up a slide show where the paintings are greatly enlarged and can be viewed in better detail.

My Cronesinger Gallery

I am learning how to transfer photos of my art from the computer into my Cronesinger Gallery.  I would never be able to do this without the help of my husband who is a wizard at this computer thing.  I have to go over how to do everything a number of times before I catch on.  I think I was born in the wrong generation!  I will try to post a few photos every week so watch my Gallery!  It is on the right hand side of my home page. If you click (or double click) any image the gallery will open up as a slideshow. You can navigate with the right and left arrows.

Another book cover by R. S. Perry

Here is another book cover I designed for Volume I, The Collected Works of Luke Peeples. Luke collected and arranged Negro Spirituals in South Carolina.  If you want to learn more about Luke’s music, you can just click the above link on his title, or go to


My art on bookcovers

The cover design for my Celtic Crone Songs uses one of my paintings.  My best friend’s daughter posed for the painting.  Her costume was made by her mother.  I have designed several book covers and you will see them on this site.  One of the first covers I designed was for the songbook  A Star Fell and Other Songs by my husband J.S. Graves, the editor of my songbook.  I painted this in acrylic and still have the master painting. Many of the songs in his book use poems by his mother, Florence Rubert Graves Rossi, for lyrics.

I also wrote the lyrics to Cry, Sad Bird, one of the songs in his songbook. You can hear this song and view its lyrics on YouTube by clicking on the link above.


This site is a work in progress!


I am adding to my blog weekly. The Gallery on this site contains photos of many of my paintings. Click on any one of them and a slideshow will appear. Please visit often and consider becoming a “follower.”

I also have another online gallery. Please click here to view that site.

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