Barnicles, Tiger Cowrie Murex & Scallop

Barnicles, Tiger Cowie, Murex, Scallop internet

More seashells!   I love the brown, rust, white and tans of these different shells.  This is an 8 x 8 canvas panel.  Cowrie shells have an interesting history.  For hundreds of years they were used as money in parts of Africa.  Slave traders used cowrie shells to trade for human slaves.  In the 1680’s, a slave cost 10,000 shells.  In 1770 the cost for an adult male slave was 150,000 cowrie shells. For more information about this painting, click here.

Gullah Woman with Broom

2.28.2019-001 web (Medium)

I decided to make the house with blue siding because many of the old-timers believed that a house painted blue kept evil spirits away!  Sometimes you still see blue bottles hanging from a bush out in the front yard for the same reasons.  I do not know the origin of this idea.  If you would like more information about this painting on canvas, click here.

Gullah Woman in Church

1.5.2019-004 (Medium)

This painting was also inspired by reading about the Gullah woman of faith, Maum Celie of South Carolina who was featured in the March edition of The Breeze Magazine of the Lowcountry.  For more information about this 8 x 10 painting on canvas, click here.

Gullah Standing Woman

1.5.2019-003 (Medium)

The Breeze Magazine of the Lowcountry featured my Gullah  art in its April edition. The magazine cover used one of my paintings and four more were featured in the article which was called “The Gullah Art of R. S. Perry.”  I was thrilled to have this attention from such a wonderful magazine!

This  10 x 8 painting features a Gullah woman.  It is sold but you can view others and get  more information by going to my Daily Paintwork gallery.  Put my name R. S. Perry in the artist search line or you can click here.

Maum Celie Smoking a Pipe

1.5.2019-001 (Medium)

This painting was used in a magazine article published by The Breeze Magazine of the Lowcountry (March edition, 2019).  Maum Celie was a Gullah woman of  South Carolina.  For information on this painting, including price, click here.

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