2 thoughts on “Reyno, Arkansas”

  1. I’ve visited your website every morning since you gave me the link, reflected deeply on several pieces and called it morning prayer. Your Reno, Arkansas painting gifted me with so many precious memories. Over time, my grandmother lived in Pocahontas, Biggers, and Reyno–and I would spend every summer with her. I can’t remember which town, but in one, she had a big (big to me as a small child) yellow house with a “big” front porch and I would sit in her porch swing for hours and hours singing, “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine.” The house had a locked door to one of it’s rooms which I’m curious about to this day. You say you love trees; so do I. You obviously love country roads; so do I. My grandmother loved working in her flower gardens–she could make anything grow. She would also love your paintings!


    1. Thank you for this comment. If you have a picture of your grandmother’s house, I would love to see it. I have photographed a number of houses in these areas as painting references. Maybe I have seen hers!


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