Country Houses


This painting was sold at an auction for a medical charity in Conway, Arkansas.  This group sends nurses and doctors to other nations to provide help to the very poor.  A wonderful woman in our Sage group at our church goes on a medical mission every year.  I had the painting framed and it looked good.  I hope whoever bought it enjoys it!  Although this painting is not available you can see other paintings in my online gallery by clicking here.

Forty Shades of Green

2.28.2019-004 (Medium)

This painting was sold at Youth Home fundraiser this past spring and I have just found the photo of it on my computer so it is late in being posted!  Youth Home helps many troubled  youngsters find their way with psychiatric help, counseling, and a place to stay.  I have supported their programs for many years with art.  This painting is not available, but if you would like to visit my dailypaintworks gallery to see other art, you can click here.

Lemon Tree


A lemon tree in Tucson, Arizona, astonished me because it had hundreds of lemons attached and it was only a small tree!  I had never seen lemons growing  (only in bags in Krogers).  This painting will make an interesting addition to a collection.  For information on how to collect it, click here.

A Fine Day to Sail

12.7.2018-001 (Small)

I originally called this painting “Where the Heart Is”  because so many people love the lakes in Arkansas!  This is an 10 x 8 acrylic painting that looks like an oil painting!  You can see the availability and more about it by going to my online gallery here.

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