Queen of the Garden


This painting is 8 x 10.    I like to think that small paintings are 8 x 10 and under.  Many artists paint even smaller works–those that are called miniature are often 2- 1/2 ” x 3- 3/8″.  I have even seen tiny works  1-1/4″ x 1-1/4″  by artist Karen Libecap in her book “The Big Book of Tiny Art.”  I don’t think that I could ever work that small, but I am experimenting with 5×7″ sizes.  You can see a few of my 5 x7″ paintings by looking at my animal category in my on line art gallery Dailypaint works.  Click here to go see.

Falling Leaves


This painting, on stretched canvas is already sold but I wanted to show it to you! You can see other paintings in my online art gallery by clicking here.

Since it is the beginning of January perhaps you are thinking of doing something new .  Maybe you are interested in art.

Why should you collect art?  I think collecting things is built into our human nature!  Our ancestors were hunter-gathers and those instincts are still with us!  The hunt for an object of beauty that attracts our attention  and then bringing it into our homes is part of our nature.

Next week I will give you a few ideas to think about if you wish to begin an art collection.