Clam (Northern Quahog)

Northern Quahog clam 2.1.2020-004 (Medium)

Clams are mollusks and range widely in size and weight.  The smallest clam can be as small as 0.2 inches in length while the largest clam ever found weighed 550 pounds.  Giant clams can be over 4 feet long.   For more information about this painting, click here.


Scallop 2.1.2020-003 (Medium)

This is the sea shell of a Scallop (aequipecten glyptus) painted on a 5 x 7 canvas panel.  This painting and six of my other paintings of seashells and my article about these mollusks appeared in the March 2020 edition of The Breeze Magazine of the Lowcountry. For more information about the painting, click here.



Oysters 2.1.2020-002 (Medium)

This is a painting of the American or Common Oyster.  It is 5 x 7 inches on canvas panel.   Oysters are bivalves.  Bivalves have no bones or head!  In order to hold themselves together, they grow shells.  I have written an article about oysters and other bivalves that appeared in the March edition of  The Breeze Magazine of the Lowcountry.   Six of my paintings illustrate the article.  For more information about this painting, click here.


Cockles 2.1.2020-001 (Medium)

This is a painting, 5 x 7 of the shells of cockles (cardiidae).  Before the era of modern medicine, heart patients were given ground-up cockles shells by physicians.    This painting appeared in the March edition of The Breeze, Magazine of the Lowcountry.  For more information on the painting, click here.

Pet Portrait: Jamie

Jamie 1

This is Jamie, a very large female Great Dane who belongs to a dear friend. Jamie was rescued by her owner from a terrible situation and now lives a wonderful life.  This painting shows her soulful eyes and loving disposition.  She is a marvelous dog.

Pet Portrait: Persian Cat

This is a portrait of a pet Persian cat.  Its owner bought one of my donated “pet portraits” at the Humane Society Auction.  I do the portraits using reference photographs that the owners provide.  I made several studies of this cat which you can see by going to my dailypaintworks gallery.  Click here.

Nepenthes Rajah

Nepenthes Rajh 1.1.2020-006 (Large)

This is a ground pitcher plant and is the largest of one type of pitcher plant.  It is a native of Malaysian Borneo and its pitchers have been measured at over 16 inches long.  It can capture lizards, frogs, rodents and other vermin. If you would like to see more about this painting or see other omnivorous plants, click here.